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Homaya Restaurant

Situated within the lush tropical grounds of INAYA Putri Bali in the spectacular enclave of Nusa Dua, Homaya Restaurant is a festival of all things Indonesian. Open only for dinner, it is a celebration of the authentic flavours of the archipelago, a place where some of Indonesia’s favourite dishes are presented and enjoyed. The restaurant décor and style is contemporary Indonesian. It’s a comfortable and airy space with seating for 80 people, which includes a traditional long table recreating a typical Indonesian communal dining area. With over 17,000 islands spread over the vast archipelago, the regional specialties are as diverse as its people and guests might well be spoiled for choice by the lip-smacking and authentic dishes prepared and presented with typical Indonesian flair. Choose from delights such Sup Buntut, a Javanese oxtail soup (perfectly served with potatoes, carrots, fried shallot, green chilies sambal and lime), or sate lilit, the classic Balinese minced fish satay served on a lemongrass skewer. For heartier choices there are dishes like opor ayam and sop kaki kambing and many more… and don’t forget the selection of traditional jamu (herbal drinks) for the full-on Indonesian experience!

Homaya Restaurant

Inaya Putri Bali Kawasan Wisata Nusa Dua Lot S-3 Bali 80363, Indonesia Phone : +623612002900
Fax. :
Email: fbreservation.putribali@inayahotels.com
Website: www.inayaputribali.com

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